The original design for ‘My Shoez’ came from an old time trick of putting regular horseshoes on a horse’s leg to keep them from pawing. 
    As most things go it works pretty well but it had some serious drawbacks.  Horseshoes were designed to go on the bottom of a horse’s foot not around its leg.  Putting a regular pair of horseshoes on a horse’s leg can cause severe sores. 
    Another issue is that if the horse paws hard enough he can fling the horseshoes off via the normal opening.  This means that a horse learns that if it paws hard enough it can ‘win’ release. 


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How It Works!

Horse Standing with MyShoez On     The basic idea behind 'MyShoez' is simple, you put the shoes around the horse's leg. When the horse paws, paces or kicks the weight of the shoes is annoying to the horse.

     The more aggressive the horse's behavior the more annoying the shoes. The real key is that when the horse stands still (the desired response) the shoes stop being annoying. If the horse shifts its weight or moves quietly the shoes aren't a bother.

     MyShoez are great because you can leave them on a horse without having to watch and try to catch the horse to reprimand it, you can just put them on and let the shoes do the job for you. This also keeps the horse from learning that the moment you leave it can resume it's problem behavior.

Putting MyShoez on a horse.

So easy a five-year-old can do it!

Step One Step Two Step Three

Step Four

Place around cannon bone. Pull bungee and hook on notch. Slip down past ankles. All Done!


When putting My Shoez on a horse that is pawing aggressively it is a good idea to keep your head out of the path of the horses leg.

MyShoez Warning----> "MyShoez" are an effective tool to help stop horses from pawing, stall kicking and pacing. This product could cause minor sores in extreme cases or when left on too long. If sores occur, remove "MyShoez" and apply medication to the affected areas. In our opinion, minor sores are better than the permanent damage the horse could cause to themselves or the destruction of property. Always remove "MyShoez" before riding or exercising the horse. To the best of our knowledge "MyShoez" will not cause birth difects or cancer nor will it ipair your ability to operate machinery or fly the space shuttle! Please use common sense when using "MyShoez or working around horses.